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Exams & Assessment

Details were published on Friday 3 April of how grades will be awarded to students taking GCSEs and A Levels. 

Ofqual, the organisation which oversees exams and qualifications in this country, has written to students and issued guidance for teachers, students and parents.

Please read the following letter from Mr Knowles which summarises this information and provides links to Ofqual's official guidance:

LETTER: Awarding of GCSE and A Level Grades 2020 (PDF)


Important information for Sixth Form students

The latest information about cancellation of exams from the Department for Education can be found HERE

The following is an update based on this information

If you have any questions please email me at Please consider that it might take up to 72 hours to get a response as we are dealing with significant numbers of enquiries.   

Please do not contact individual staff members to discuss grades; these will be centrally organised and staff can not give any indication on what grades are likely to be awarded. 

Many of you will have received your data point information recently; please be aware that these were completed prior to the school closure and are not the grades that we will be using for the final exams.

Exams & Qualifications

You will not be taking any exams this summer, but you will be awarded a grade for each of your A or AS Levels. These grades will be formal grades with the same status as grades awarded in any other year.

How will this happen?

We will use a variety of information: the Government and the exam boards are currently working on what this may look like.

What if you don’t agree with the grade?

There will be an appeal process and the opportunity to take an exam later in the year.

What should I do now?

All Students:

  • Please remember to stay in touch with each other – check in with your peers and use technology to remain in contact with fellow students.
  • Complete all work / homework set by your teachers via Class Charts; this is important for all Sixth Formers. We don't yet have guidance from the Government about how these grades will be created or what work they may require as part of this process.
  • You must check your emails and Class Charts regularly and keep in regular contact with staff.
  • If you have any coursework or NEA (non-examination assessment) this must be submitted to your class teacher. This is especially important as it could form part of your final grade.

Year 12

  • If you are in Year 12 you must keep all of your notes and carry on with the learning as this will be part of your A2 exam in the summer of 2021: please use Seneca and Class Charts to ensure you are learning the content you are missing by not being in school.
  • Ensure you finish the syllabus / course and keep all notes and revision materials safe (you may need these in the future).

Year 13

  • Prepare for university / apprenticeships
  • If you intend to start university in September and have not yet completed your student finance application, please ensure this is done as soon as possible.
  • Carry on learning: use online platforms to ensure that you are accessing education. I have set some independent work via Class Charts for the entire cohort.
What about my university place?

Universities will accept your grade with the same status as any other year.

They will be flexible and supportive, and will be sending you information directly.

Some universities are now changing offers to unconditional. Do not rush into accepting an unconditional offer. Wait for all offers and make a careful, considered choice before the UCAS deadline (remember this date is different for each student).


Take care, stay well and look after one another.

Mrs Burton

Head of Post-16

Important Exam Dates

Entry Deadlines to Exams Office Actual Entry Deadline
November exams 18 September 2020 November exams 2 October 2020
BTEC 5 October 2020 BTEC 19 October 2020
GCSE Summer exams 8 January 2020 GCSE Summer exams 19 February 2020
A Level Summer exams 8 January 2020 A Level Summer exams 19 February 2020
Re-sit Deadlines to Exams Office
November (GCSE English & Maths only) 18 September 2020
Summer 30 November 2019
Enquiries About Results (EARs) Deadlines - June Exams Summer 2019 Exams Summer 2020 Exams
Priority Remark 21 August 2019 19 August 2020
Remark 16 September 2019 14 September 2020
Access to Scripts (priority) 21 August 2019 19 August 2020
Access to Scripts 23 September 2019 22 October 2020
Access Arrangement Deadlines
Access Arrangements 6 February 2020  
Summer Exams  
Modified Papers 9 January 2020
Results Days  
AS / A2 Results Thursday 13 August 2020    
GCSE Results Thursday 20 August 2020    

Information about Exams