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Academic Support

All students have reading and spelling tests upon entry into Tupton Hall School. Reading tests are a part of the induction programme and spelling tests take place early in the Autumn term. Students with a reading age of below approximately 10 years are identified and the parents of these students are notified of the test results by the Enhanced Learning staff. We subsequently request permission from parents to withdraw these students from Modern Foreign Languages in order to begin an intensive individualised programme designed to improve literacy skills. This is delivered in small groups with a staff:pupil ratio of no more than 1:4.

Activities include:

  • Group reading activities
  • The Lexia ICT reading programme
  • Comprehension skills work
  • Grammar based activities
  • A spelling programme

The students are then tested again in June. Those who have achieved functional literacy begin a ‘discreet’ Modern Foreign Language group in Year 8. This consists of students who, like themselves, have not studied a language during Year 7. This is usually a small group with a teacher:pupil ratio of approximately 1:4. 

Some students continue to require further literacy intervention and they continue to be withdrawn from Modern Foreign Languages in Y8.

At the end of Year 8 the students are tested again. Students whose literacy has improved significantly begin the ASDAN Bronze Award. A small number of students continue the literacy programme into Year 9.

Key Stage 4

Students who require an alternative programme are offered the ASDAN Bronze/Silver Award. The SENDCo is responsible for the application for, and subsequent organisation of, special consideration for external examinations thus ensuring that eligible students receive additional support during GCSE, AS and A2 examinations. 

This might include:

  • readers
  • scribes
  • additional time and/or rest breaks
  • access to laptops
  • modification of examination papers  

The team of teaching assistants work within lessons, across the curriculum, to assist teaching staff in ensuring that students of all ages with Statements of Special Educational Need or Education Health and Care Plans can access the curriculum.