Youtube Sensations

Youtube Sensations


YouTube sensations Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs visited Tupton Hall Sixth Form to talk to Media Studies students about their work in the media.

The duo spoke about their YouTube career which has seen their channel attract almost 400,000 subscribers. Their most recent work has included doing stand-up comedy shows at Reading and Leeds Festival and working for the BBC on their new online show ‘Official Chart Bite’.

Head of English, Mrs Spalding, who taught the pair at The Long Eaton School, said: “This humour was evident in their interactions with Tupton students, bouncing from sharp analysis of current media issues to personal anecdote.”

“Many Tupton students were excited to hear they had met other famous Youtubers such as Tomska and Pewdiepie (real name Felix Kjellberg) – who has the most subscribed account on YouTube.”

Jack and Dean, who both have Media degrees, also discussed current media issues and how the media is changing. This is a topic directly linked to an A2 Media Studies unit called Media in the Online Age which looks at the impact of the Internet on TV and music.

Mrs Spalding said: “They had particularly interesting comments to make about their social responsibility in making videos watched by young people and were particularly critical of negative messages about gender roles in music videos.”

A question and answer session followed, where students were able to quiz Jack and Dean further on the changing face of the media… and other more light-hearted questions like ‘How much money do you make?’

Finally there was a chance to get selfies with the famous fellows. Soon afterwards, dozens of the photos were uploaded to Twitter alongside messages of thanks from our proud students.

Sixth Form student Rachael Hickton said: “It was great to meet people who have used media in such a modern and interesting way and have managed to connect with young people across the world.”