YouTube Revision

YouTube Revision






Multimedia maths teacher Mr Walton has launched a series of YouTube revision tutorials for GCSE and A Level students.

There are more than 50 GCSE videos and a growing catalogue of A Level topics on his channel

"I found that students were getting stuck on the same maths topics when they came to ask me for help at lunchtimes or after school," explained Mr Walton, who is Deputy Head of Mathematics at Tupton Hall School.

"I decided to make revision videos that would cover these key topics for both Higher and Foundation GCSE students."

GCSE tutorials can be identified by having a black background, while A Level topics are on white.

Some of Mr Walton's videos are aimed only at Higher tier students, while others are suitable for both tiers.

Each video follows the same format:

  • Mr Walton introduces the topic and explains 2 or 3 examples, increasing the complexity or style of exam question.
  • He then poses a question and asks students to pause the video to have a go themselves.
  • Students can then carry on and see the model 'worked-through' answer.
  • Finally, Mr Walton suggests what kind of notes students could write on a revision card - if they are making them.

"Feedback from students who have used the videos is that they like using them at home as an alternative to doing past papers or questions from a revision book."

"They like being able to access a familiar voice from home, and the structure that the videos give - that of a typical lesson."

Mr Walton also uses social media site Twitter to provide an extra layer of support: "On each video I always say that if students are still stuck, they can contact me on Twitter," he said.

Students can also request that Mr Walton makes a video on any topic he has not already covered.

Follow him on Twitter @mr_g_walton