Y9 Enterprise Day

Y9 Enterprise Day

Y9s Become Young Apprentices

Y13 student Sophie reviews the Y9 Enterprise Day.  

The 26 and 27 November brought another fantastic day with the Bright Futures team, this time for the Y9s, who had an early morning start hearing a presentation on what the day would bring. The team made a point of acknowledging some familiar faces from previous sessions too.

The first activity involved the students thinking outside the box. They were given a selection of puzzles in a pack in which they had to use teamwork and their brilliant brains to work out how to complete several challenges. One of the challenges was to balance a spoon and fork on a plastic cup using just a tooth pick, the students were timed to see if they could complete the challenge within a couple of minutes. Even the Sixth Form ambassadors struggled to work out how to beat the challenge.

Another puzzle which the students faced was to assemble a cube using different shapes. Only four teams out of the many there managed to work out a strategy and create the cube.

In period 3 and 4 for students had to create a ‘run’ for a marble to go down. The winner was the team that could keep the marble running the longest, there was also a prize for the design and as I am sure you can imagine there was many weird and wonderful designs that came from our bright Y9 students. To complete this, the students were given bits of paper and tape, they had to work their brains hard and communicate with each other. That was the key to success in this challenge.

After the hustle of dinner, the students had to complete a ‘money making challenge’, similar to the Y8 enterprise day, only the Y9s had the harder challenge of creating card holders for the Bright Futures team business cards. The students had to then use some impressive negotiation skills to sell their product to the Bright Futures team, making as much profit as possible.

All in all, a good day was had by the brilliant Y9s' of Tupton Hall School.