Y8 Enterprise Day

Y8 Enterprise Day

Y8s' Talk Business

Y13 student Sophie reviews the Y8 Enterprise Day.

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th November were two very successful days for our Y8 students, attending Enterprise days run by the Bright Futures team.

The day began with an interesting 'Ice Breaker' challenge where students had to work together in their groups to do a rather complicated word search, figuring out a way to find the words on the different pieces of laminated card that they had been provided with.

In Period 2 the students got the chance to listen to the presenters from the Bright Futures team on what a business is and how to run one which then led to the introduction of a small activity. 

The third task was a big fun one! The students were given a time allowance to see how many words they could possibly make out of the four letters they were given at the start of the task. They were also equipped with counters which acted as money. Each coloured counter was worth a different amount of money i.e. black counters were worth £10. The young stars of Y8 then had to put their negotiation skills to the test and persuade the shop keepers (lovely Sixth Form ambassadors) to sell them as many letters as possible for the money they had.  The process aided in improving students teamwork skills, creating words that were as long as possible with the letters that they had. The longest words received the most money which really sparked the bubbly Y8’s enthusiasm to create the longest words they possibly could.

The final challenge of the day was the ‘Crème Egg Holder’ where students had to team together to produce an egg cup to fit an egg the size of a Crème Egg. The students had to use a variety of different skills including communication and team work, to create the egg cup. One member of the team would discuss with the Bright Futures team how much they would buy the egg cup for, the team could then buy more resources to build more egg cups to make more money. The team with the most profit at the end won the challenge.

The students were all smiling as they walked out of the Richard Smith hall at 3.10pm, a sign that a good day was had by all.