Y13 Sports Leadership

Y13 Sports Leadership

Team Building at Lea Green

On Wednesday 23rd of October the Y13 Higher Community Sports Leadership group took the QUEST group, made up of 15 Y7s, to Lea Green for a day of team building activities.

The day was a raging success despite the poor weather, both Sixth Formers and Y7s alike wrapped up to battle the elements as well as the obstacle course, hex and high ropes at Lea Green.

The hex saw teams work together while one student was blindfolded and had to place all faith in their group members who acted as guides through the hex. Walking across a beam and tight rope with nothing to help but their guides, hands, arms and sometimes heads was made to look easy by the Y7s with the Sixth Formers following suit.

Then came the obstacle course, the QUEST group’s favourite activity, the large scale see-saw. The entire group had to work out how to balance the platform and after a few attempts successfully did so.

After this hard but enjoyable activity the entire group went onto the obstacle course, teams consisted of two Sports Leaders and three of the QUEST group, this obstacle course required the development of tactics and the teams had to pull all their ideas together to cross the course. There were various difficulties that each team battled to get through, using strategies that were thought of by both leaders and students. This was shown through the fact that only one leader took a tumble.

Going into lunch the leaders and QUEST group were very chatty, with the QUEST group having the opportunity to get to know not only some of the Sixth Formers but pupils within their own group. These conversations truly helped the entire ensemble with the next and final task, the high ropes.

Climbing thirty feet into the air with other pupils keeping hold of the harness, ropes was a scary experience for most pupils’ even sixth formers as Alice and George both have a fear of heights. However, with the encouragement of the QUEST group, George managed to conquer his fear and climb to the twenty five foot mark.

Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with enthusiastic QUEST group members giving the day a '10' and the odd few '9s' down due to the weather. Hopefully, it’ll be sunny if we go next time!