VIDEO: EU Debate

VIDEO: EU Debate

On 23rd June many of our Year 13 students will be eligible to vote in the EU Referendum. Naturally, facing such an important decision, they want to be as well informed as possible about the arguments for and against remaining a member state of the European Union. 

For this reason we welcomed North East Derbyshire MP Natascha Engel to join a discussion on the issue with a group of sixth formers. As on previous occasions, Natascha was really keen to come into school to engage with Sixth Form students on the issues that matter to them.

Views were aired on both sides of the argument and Natascha's informed opinion was a real bonus. One Year 12 student said afterwards: "Although I am not old enough to vote this June I feel I understand what it is about a lot more now".

Whichever way students decide to vote it is really positive to see the next generation so engaged with the issues that affect us all. 

VIDEO - Natascha Engel at Tupton Hall Sixth Form