University Mentors

University Mentors


Excited Year 9 and 12 students got a trip out of school to visit the University of Sheffield.

The university is one of two operating in the city. Students were given a delicious prepared lunch in the Student's Union before taking a tour of the campus.

Here there were they were told about each of the buildings, including the multi-million pound student library.

The trip was part of a scheme in which Year 9 and 12 students are matched up to a University of Sheffield student ‘mentor’ – who can offer an insight into life as a student and hopefully convince more people that University is an affordable and rewarding way to pursue their careers.

Year 12 student Connor Wetton gave his thoughts on the effectiveness of the trip. “Travelling around and just having a quick look at the area local to the university was helpful. I am considering going (to the university), the facilities look well maintained and there is a lot the university can offer,” he said.