Tissington Trip

Tissington Trip


Adventure reigned over all as Year 7s took part in a thrill-filled day of team building activities at Tissington.

Earlier this year, shortly after having started at Tupton Hall School, every single Year 7 student was given the amazing opportunity to go on the free day trip.

The aim was to help new students develop and improve their confidence, make new friends, and improve communication, team and leadership skills through fun and adventurous exercises.

Tasks included building their own raft from scratch with the goal of crossing a lake and even a long countryside walk along part of the Tissington Trail. They spotted sheep, and to the surprise of the students (and some of the teachers), they even saw llamas!

All in all Year 7 managed to have a great time and were sensible in doing so, gaining the praise of the public and teachers alike. Mrs Greenwood, the trip’s organiser, said: “They were exceedingly polite and they couldn’t be faulted on their behaviour.” Mrs Greenwood said that she was even told by a local shop worker how ‘pleasant and polite’ they were.

The excursion was a resounding success to start the school year, proving to the Year 7s that they can do just about anything if they put their minds to it.