Fairplay Fundraising

Fairplay Fundraising


Enterprising students at Tupton Hall School used fairy cakes, football and fancy dress to raise a whopping £1,812 for charity.

The cash was generated during Children In Need week for Chesterfield charity Fairplay. Fairplay provides services for children and young people with physical, sensory, learning and behavioural needs – and their families – across North Derbyshire.

The student committee at Tupton Hall Sixth Form recently visited the purpose built Fairplay centre.

“We visited Fairplay and saw what a remarkable job they do to support children with disabilities and their families,” said Adam Hardy, chair of the Sixth Form Committee.

“I was inspired to get the whole on board in raising money so they can continue their exceptional work. The work they do, day in day out, is awe inspiring.”

‘Fairplay Week’ at Tupton Hall School was organised by the Sixth Form Committee and was packed full of heated competition, breath-taking talent and bizarre costumes.

It kicked off with a Guess the Teacher competition featuring embarrassing baby photos and phrases commonly used by members of staff.

Then there was a wildly contested charity football match between staff and sixth formers which drew crowds of cheering fans. The teachers’ side led 2-0 at half time but the sprightly sixth formers came back to level the score. Demands for a re-match are still echoing around the Sixth Form block.

The musical event of the month took place midweek in the form of a musical concert. Audiences were amazed by the hidden musical talents of Tupton Hall’s staff and students. They were treated to a hint of the school’s Christmas show High School Musical, and a rendition of ‘Love Is An Open Door’ from Frozen by Mr Walton and Miss Campbell.

But Friday was the cherry on the charity cake, with the whole school dressing up as characters from the movies. From Harry Potter and Ratatouille, to Superman and Charlie Chaplin – everyone made an effort to increase the charity coffers.

The school’s cookery club Let’s Get Cooking even baked Pudsey cakes and cookies to sell to hungry students and staff, raking in a fantastic £130.

Fairplay co-ordinator Tony Duly said: “The amount that has been raised is fantastic. Funds are always in need at Fairplay so anything anyone does is greatly appreciated.”

“It is always lovely to see students are thinking of local charities when it comes to fundraising decisions like this.”