De-Stress Yoga

De-Stress Yoga

Sixth Form students from Tupton Hall School have been tackling exam stress with yoga.

The Sixth Form team arranged for yoga classes to be held once a week in the school gym.

Pastoral support manager Miss Curtis said: “The build up to the exam period is always a stressful time for students so we wanted to offer something that helped the students to relax and to focus their minds.”

Yoga teacher Paul Dickinson is based at Chesterfield company Yoga by Katie and has been holding the classes.

He said: “It is fantastic to see a school embracing yoga in this way.

“Yoga is a great way of resting the mind by working with the body and breathing.

“People come to our classes to create some valuable space for themselves in their busy lives.

“Students need this more than most during their exam period.”

Brittany Livesey, Heather Moakes and Charlotte Brough have been attending the classes.

Brittany said: "Yoga has just been something different to studying - a really relaxing change. I will use what I have learned to help me keep calm in my exams."

Heather said: “I feel like it clears my mind and gives me a fresh start to the day."

Charlotte said: "Paul has been great. The techniques he has taught us really allow us to relax in a morning and it's something I've been able to enjoy with my friends."