Staff List
Leadership Team
Title Name Main Role
Headteacher  Mr A Knowles Overall whole school strategic leadership and management
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs S Day Educational programmes and staff effectiveness
Senior Assistant Headteachers  Mr N Melton Student Performance
  Mrs A Neville Learning, Teaching and Staff Development
  Ms A Webb Student Experience and Wellbeing
  Mrs S Greenwood Special Projects
Assistant Headteachers Mrs R Holland Climate for Learning
  Mr C Sinclair Progress for All
  Mrs C Burton Head of Post 16
Business Manager Mr S Coates Business and Community Management
Associate Senior Leaders Mrs C Burton Head of Sixth Form
  Mr R Crunkhorn KS4 Raising Attainment Interventions
  Mrs R Holland  Whole School Rewards, Student Voice and Attendance Support
  Mr C Iddon Parental Engagement and liaison
  Mr C Sinclair  KS4 Raising Attainment Interventions
    Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year
  Year 7 Mr R Tinsley & Miss S Green
  Year 8 Mrs L Rogers & Miss D Moody
  Year 9 Miss K Boultby & Mr F Steinhobel
  Year 10 Mr K Burdett & Miss N Campbell
  Year 11 Miss R Cooper & Mr P Trigg
  Year 12/13 Mrs C Burton & Mr J Leach
Data and Communication
Mr A Adams  IT Systems Manager
Mr R Pemberton Data Manager
Mr B Littler Network Technician
Miss H Gallimore Digital Communications & Media Officer
Design & Technology
Mr J Fullwood Faculty Manager
Mrs M Pratt Deputy Faculty Manager
Miss L Bishop Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs L Cheetham Technician
Mr I Gee Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs P Huckle Teacher of Design & Technology
Miss K Pearson Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr T Robinson Technician
Miss D Slater Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr P Trigg Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr P Webster Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr L Barksby Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs C Spalding Faculty Manager
Miss S Fry Deputy Faculty Manager & KS3 Lead
Mr A Blick Leader of Intervention in English
Mrs Z Shah KS5 Coordinator
Miss R Capper Teacher of English
Miss A Carter Teacher of English
Mr J Hunt Teacher of English
Ms E Keightley Teacher of English
Mr A Knowles Teacher of English
Mr G Newton Teacher of English
Miss M Parker Teacher of English
Mrs M Pashley Teacher of English
Mr S Pateman Teacher of English
Mrs L Rogers Teacher of English
Mrs E Watson Teacher of English
Mr C Welch Head of Media Studies
Mr A Wickens Teacher of English
Mr R Wilson Teacher of English
Enhanced Learning
Mrs T Gooch Faculty Manager, SENDCo
Mrs G Ball Teacher of SEN
Mrs S Neep Teacher of SEN
Mrs P Bradder Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms M Longden Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Allen Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Beebe Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Boom Teaching Assistant
Miss C Brunt Teaching Assistant
Mr C Campbell Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Cantrill Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Cave Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Colledge Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Cook Teaching Assistant
Mr J Cooke Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dennis Teaching Assistant
Miss L Fisher Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Haynes Learning Mentor
Mrs E Hicks Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Kealey Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lilley Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Mallender Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Maltby Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Maunder Teaching Assistant
Mrs S McFarling Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Mellor  Learning Mentor
Mrs K Mitchell Teaching Assistant
Miss J Ndirangu Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Pickering Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Ridgeway Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Sas Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Smedley Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss R Stewart Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Turner Teaching Assistant
Ms M Turner Learning Mentor
Mr R Young Teaching Assistant
Expressive Arts
Miss L Dana Faculty Manager and Head of Art
Ms G Calladine Head of Drama
Ms H Kirby Head of Music
Mr R Battams Teacher of Art
Miss G Jones Teacher of Art
Mrs C Noble Teacher of Drama
Mrs S Phipps Teacher of Art
Miss E Robertson Expressive Arts
Mr A Sharpe Teacher of Music
Miss L Turtle Teacher of Art
Mrs L Welch Teacher of Drama
Miss E Wragg Teacher of Music
Mr R Crunkhorn Faculty Manager & Head of History
Mrs L Mottram Deputy Faculty Manager & Head of Geography
Mr J Beeley Teacher of History
Mrs A Brown Teacher of Geography
Miss L Campbell Teacher of Humanities
Mr J Clayton Teacher of Religious Studies
Miss R Cooper Teacher of History
Mrs K Da-Silva Teacher of Humanities
Mrs J Erwin Teacher of Humanities
Ms K Molyneux Head of Religious Studies
Mrs J Shipley Teacher of Geography and Travel and Tourism
Mrs C Sinclair Teacher of Geography
Mrs M Smith Teacher of History
Mrs K Stain Teacher of Geography
Mrs E Verovkins Teacher of Religious Studies
Miss F Wyatt Teacher of Humanities
Mrs J Young Head of Leisure & Tourism/Travel & Tourism
Mr H Pratt Faculty Manager
Miss S Ahmed Teacher of ICT
Miss N Godwin Teacher of ICT
Mr C Hicklin Teacher of ICT
Mr N Melton Teacher of ICT
Mr I Nanev Technician


Miss J L Smith Acting Faculty Manager
Mrs P Gamble Deputy Faculty Manager
Mr J Ford Teacher of Languages
Miss S Green KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr R Wilson Teacher of Languages
Miss L Jones Teacher of Languages
Mr J Leach Teacher of Languages
Miss G Ross Teacher of Languages
Mr C Iddon Faculty Manager
Mr G Walton Deputy Faculty Manager
Miss N Campbell Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs S Clark Senior Lead Practitioner
Mrs S Greenwood Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs R Holland Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Howarth Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L Moore Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Parker Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Radford Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Shemar Teacher of Mathematics
Mr N Starkie Teacher of Mathematics
Mr F Steinhobel Teacher of Mathematics
Mr T Talbot Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Moxon Faculty Manager
Miss K Smith Deputy Faculty Manager
Miss S Catlow Teacher of PE & Dance
Mr A Knowles Teacher of PE
Mrs A Neville Teacher of PE
Mrs M Roberts Teacher of PE
Mr M Senior Teacher of PE
Mr P Shuttleworth Advanced Skills Teacher of PE
Mr R Tinsley Senior Lead Practitioner
Mrs C White Teacher of PE & Dance
Mrs V Hennessey Faculty Manager
Mr P Lambert Deputy Faculty Manager
Mr C Bell Leader of KS3 Alt Programme
Mr K Burdett Teacher of Science
Mrs R Capille Teacher of Science
Mrs Y Clayton Teacher of Science
Miss L Clowes Teacher of Science
Mrs S Day Teacher of Science
Mrs D Elkington Teacher of Science
Mrs O Hall Senior Lead Practitioner
Mr D Higginbottom Teacher of Science
Mrs R Humphreys Head of Chemistry
Miss C Illingworth Head of Biology
Mrs D Kerry Teacher of Science
Mr D Limb Teacher of Science
Mr D Lucas Teacher of Science
Mr A Powell Teacher of Science
Miss E Robbins-Emery Teacher of Science
Mrs C Sinnott Acting Head of Physics
Mrs C Spencer Teacher of Science
Social Sciences
Dr A Russ Faculty Manager
Miss K Brett Deputy Faculty Manager
Miss M Cameron Teacher of Social Sciences
Ms J Dieckhoener-Kelly Head of Business Enterprise
Mrs L Hickman Teacher of Social Sciences
Mrs R Revell Teacher of Social Sciences
Ms A Webb Teacher of Social Sciences
Miss G Yeomans Teacher of Social Sciences
Faculty Assistants
Mrs K Crowe Senior Faculty Assistant - Science
Miss A Barnes Expressive Arts
Ms A Bradbury Maths
Mrs K Layton Humanities
Mrs A Robb English
Mrs S Stew Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Wells Science
Inclusion Centre
Mrs S Burton ASPIRE Manager
Miss J Cuff  
Mrs R McLellan  
LINKS Centre
Mr C Bell Centre Manager
Miss A Spencer  
Sports College
Miss K Shopland Partnership Development Manager
Mr D Norwood Community Development Manager
Mr N Rosling Multi-skills Coach
Mr T Phillips School Sports Co-ordinator
Student Support Assistants
Mrs D Barratt
Mrs K Clark
Mrs M Darnell
Mrs K Hancock
Miss C Haynes
Mrs K Harvey
Mrs R Hinchcliff
Mrs J Nutt
Mrs A Smedley
Mrs A Stevens
Mrs J Walvin
Support Staff
Mrs J Baldwin
Mrs S Bedford
Mrs R Betton
Mrs N Chapman
Mrs L Dent
Mrs V Featherstone
Miss J Glynn
Mrs S Greenwood
Miss T Hardaker
Mrs S Hill
Mrs J Mantle-Booker
Mrs B Margereson
Mrs T Markham
Ms W Moore
Ms V Palfreyman
Mrs J Pickering
Mrs M Pickering
Miss E Shaw
Mr B Sketchley
Mrs J Sketchley
Mrs D Stanley
Mrs P Swain
Mrs S Wood