Spinning to Barcelona

Spinning to Barcelona

Y9 Students Spin Their Way To Barcelona

On Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 December a group of Y9 students took part in a sponsored bike ride to raise money for their Barcelona Sports Tour taking part in Easter 2014.

The Sports Tour is an opportunity for students to travel and experience another culture as well as build team spirit, train, take part in tournaments and attend educational excursions. 

To raise money to cover the individual cost of the trip the team decided to set the tough challenge of cycling the distance of Tupton to Barcelona, at just over 1000 miles.

Students have received donations from fellow students, staff and family and even the supermarket chain ASDA, who were so impressed they have kindly donated a whopping £200!

The students and staff at Tupton Hall are most grateful for the support, all contributions will go towards the tour kit and from the looks of it the students will now be making the trip next year but this time by plane!