Shooting for Britain

Shooting for Britain

Former Tupton Hall School student Josh Hough has returned victorious from an international shooting competition. 

Josh, 18, was chosen to represent the Great Britain shooting team at the MLAIC World Muzzle Loading Championships in Hungary.

Muzzle loading is a type of target shooting involving old original guns or modern replicas. A muzzle-loaded gun is loaded from the muzzle by pouring a measured amount of gunpowder down the barrel before ramming a bullet on top of the gun powder and firing.

Josh, a member of the senior shooting team, gained a credible 16th place in the rifle competition with his original 1832 Springfield Musket. 

His selection comes after having reached the necessary qualification scores in officially recognised national competitions. When he qualified for the British team, aged 17, he was the youngest person ever to do so. 


He also shot in the British shotgun team in the Olympic Trap event - the first time this has ever been done at the world championships.The British team won the competition over all and Josh was the joint over all winner in the British team. 

These pictures show Josh in action during the Olympic Trap event, with his medal and certificate and with the rest of Team GB.

Josh left Tupton Hall Sixth Form this summer and is now studying Sports Coaching at the University of Derby.