SchooliP Case Study

SchooliP Case Study

Tupton Gives Schoolip the Thumbs Up!

In September 2010 Tupton Hall School chose to install the SchooliP Cloud Based Management solution, a software solution to help manage the schools staff performance and help drive improvement across the school. 

In spring 2013 the school agreed to take part in a case study to highlight the impact the system has had on the school, with the findings captured on film.

Nick Melton, Assistant Headteacher said "As a school, we are now more aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. If some teachers are stronger than others in a particular area, SchooliP will highlight it and so, rather than send the teacher with difficulties on a course, we have set up a peer observation system.  We can now more effectively implement our mentoring and coaching plans, based on the output of SchooliP.”

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