Race For Life

Race For Life

Will YOU join the Tupton team and take on this year's Race For Life?

Ms Dieckhoener-Kelly and three sixth form students have started making arrangements for the charity run which is in Chesterfield on 14th June at 10.30am.

"Last year a crowd of about 30 students and staff came together to celebrate the race and we raised around £1,000," said Ms Dieckhoener-Kelly, who is Head of Business and Economics at Tupton.

"Some saw the race as a personal challenge and others entered it with their own very personal story in mind. It was a very special and emotional morning with lots of laughter and some sad moments."

"The overwhelming feeling of the way was 'look what we can do as a group, let's do it again and let's make it even bigger'."

Here's how you can get involved this year...