Potty about Potter

Potty about Potter

'Potter-ites' gathered for a party in the school Library on Harry Potter Book Night. Now an annual event, and one of the most hotly anticipated events of the Tupton Hall calendar, students joined thousands of fans across the world to celebrate the popular literary series.

The Potter Party was organised by Tupton Hall’s Librarian, Mrs Pickering, whose team of wizards transformed the library into a grand sight of magic and mystery.

With floating candles and broomsticks galore, the room looked like a scene from Hogwarts. Students of all ages showed their enthusiasm by turning up in a variety of creative costumes - from scarves and robes to hats, wands, glasses and even the iconic Harry scar (in pen!)

Many activities took place throughout the evening, from the ‘sorting hat’ to musical hats and even a special Harry Potter scavenger hunt which led participants on a trail around the library. In the craft corner, the young wizards were able to concoct their own potions and design a dazzling pair of Luna Lovegood glasses.

But the main attraction was an ingenius game of 'QuiddiTHS' which saw students and staff battle it out on broomsticks, launching balls through hoops and scoring points.

Like all good parties, the night could not end without a feast. The wizards gorged on sandwiches, snacks and child-friendly ‘Butterbeer’.

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