Potter Party

Potter Party



Fans of the popular Harry Potter series gathered in celebration of World Book Day on 5th March.

The ‘Potter Party’ was organised by Tupton Hall’s Librarian, Mrs Pickering, whose team of wizards transformed the library into a grand sight of magic and mystery.

With floating candles and broomsticks galore, it wasn’t a surprise the room felt magical after school hours – and the students couldn’t wait to get involved.

A total of 42 students came along, many with their own robes and wands, making the room truly feel like the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

One student said she was ‘simply loving it’, and so were the others judging by the smiling faces in the room. Another said: “It was the best night of the year.”

Many activities took place throughout the evening, from the ‘sorting hat’ to musical wands and even a special Harry Potter treasure hunt. The fun-filled game saw students find clues which led them one by one on a trail around the library.

Like all good parties, the night could not end without a feast. The wizards gorged on sandwiches, snacks and child-friendly ‘Butterbeer’.

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Pickering said the event was a great success, and one that she would ‘absolutely’ run again next year.