Poetry Performers

Poetry Performers

Mr Pateman, an English teacher from Tupton Hall School, recently organised a Year 7 Poetry Performance Competition where twelve talented student poets went head to head and performed to the rest of the year.

The judges' 1st Place Winner was Izzy Payne with an amazing, well-performed poem called 'The Magic Cat' by Peter Dixon. Not only did this performance capture everyone's attention, but it also grabbed their imaginations; Izzy's voice and movements told the audience a wonderful story.

The winner of the Students' Vote was Amy Hoskin, who also read a wonderful poem called 'Something Different' that she had written herself. This was a long, beautiful piece of writing that kept hold of the audience's attention throughout.

An amazing upcoming singer called Ruby Sky also performed at the event, who showed everyone that she is an extremely talented singer and songwriter who can make words dance off her tongue and add even more energy to an amazing competition.

The two winners are both extremely talented, especially because they managed to beat the other fantastic performers that took part. All poems were brilliant; no matter how long or short, they were all equally beautiful.

The organisation and support was the heart of the event, and every person from Year 7 took part in some way. I think it's an amazing gift to be able to read, perform and share joy to such a large amount of listeners, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event.

Review written by Kiera Goodridge, 7C1