Poetry Day

Poetry Day

A collection of students' poems written to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Students of all ages enjoyed a workshop with poet Matt Black who is a former Derbyshire poet laureate.

Poems were inspired by the theme 'light'...






Here is a selection of the poems written. To read them all visit the DIGITAL ANTHOLOGY


The skip light

I am a skip light red as can be,

I sit there lonely with only the cars to entertain me.

In the morning people put scrap in me heavier than can be.

Broken chairs and broken hearted dressing tables lie down on me.

To recover after their life.

I am lifted off the ground higher and higher I go,

On to the back of a lorry and ‘whoosh’ I am on my way home.

Suranne Cave, Year 7


A Cold Night in Autumn


I sit here, my tongue reflected

In your eyes, glistening half with fear

And half with awe;

I have sat here for an age and a day

Waiting to be kindled.


Now I have awoken.


In my thirst for air, my tongue flits back and forth,

To and fro,

Tasting the dark sky first with apprehension,

Then with confidence.


I whisper to you:

Closer, closer.

Feel my fingers on your face.

You step backwards; I reach forwards.


Grey tendrils creep towards the stars,

Grasp at the trees in their desperation,

Claw at the moon.


I smoulder, embers in your eyes.


Adam Wilbourne, Year 13


Universally Speaking


Universally speaking, the world is expanding,

Colours and chaos and loving and fighting,

Changing perceptions with new ideologies,

Constant progressing, always advancing


Stop, look up, that’s where hang,

Hiding from light, scared of the changing,

Earth we observe,

Isolated by the light pollution

That choke us, defiles us

Begging for forgiveness,

What made you look down?


Billions of miles away we are dying,

Yet you still see our obsolete glow,

Crying out,

We are wondrous, and you are oblivious,

To the secrets we hold,

The knowledge we possess.


Universally speaking, the silence is expanding,

Darkness and beauty, discovery and desolation,

The earth ignores their demise,

And the stars fade into the light.

Hannah Kinsell, Year 12



I am merely a shadow;

Paws hitting the ground,

Tail held up high,

Bones showing through,

Heart beating fast.


A wisp of black,

Makes up me.

As I meander through the streets.

I duck behind bushes,

Dart up trees

Forever foraging for food…

And life.


I stumble over tin cans-

Newspapers blowing in my face.

Everyone looking-

But never finding…



I roam through the streets,

Clones of me following.

No wardens looking for us-

But, for once, us looking for them…


A maze of shop windows flashing by,

A sea of cats eyes glinting in the surface.

All as bright as the moon that watches us,

All as dark as the sorrow that captures us.


Sophie Kenward- Sullivan, Year 7