Player of the Year

Player of the Year

Promising young footballer Kian Mills (Year 7) has been named 'Player of the Year' by coaches at Chesterfield Football Academy. 

Kian, who joined the academy as a 8-year-old, received the award for his hard work and commitment during the foundation phase (age 9 - 12).

The award is a fantastic achievement and reward for all the hard work and commitment Kian has put in with the club since he joined them as an 8 year old.

In their end of season report, coaches said Kian had an 'excellent attitude to training and games'. They said: "Excellent all round Kian. Keep up the hard work, good mentality and work rate and you will fulfill your great potential."

"Stay positive in what you do as a player individually and for the team. Even when the score line isn’t going the team's way, stay true to the way you play and what the coaches tell you and you will become a great player."

Their summary of Kian's abilities concludes that he is a very good technical player who is good at positioning himself off the ball and passing on information to team mates.

They added that Kian is a popular player and a good communicator who listens well in training and pre- and post-matches. 

Well done Kian! We look forward to following your progress next season.