Paws For Thought

Paws For Thought


Animal lovers listen up! The science department has begun a new venture – Small Animal Club – where you can meet a mischief of mice, a school of fish, a couple of rats (one hairless!) and even a Chilean degu.

The club is run by Head of Science Mrs Hennessey in SCG7 from 1.30pm on Thursday lunchtimes, and it aims to teach students how to look after animals and inspire them to continue studying science in further education.

Mrs Hennessey said: “The students have been brilliant so far – really positive and enthusiastic.”

“It also gives them an opportunity to have a go at looking after animals if they perhaps aren’t able to have pets at home.”

She added that not only have students nurtured the animals, but they have also got stuck in by mucking out the cages.

A future ambition is to link this project with the Children’s University (CU) scheme where students can gain a qualification based on the work they do outside of school hours.

The department is also in the process of acquiring another exciting animal – a bearded dragon - to add to its collection of creatures.

So, if you are interested in animals, the biological sciences or are looking into veterinary medicine as a career, the Small Animal Club is looking for committed and enthusiastic new members who are willing to help out once a week. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head on down this Thursday.