Please find the Ofsted report of the monitoring visit carried out on 26 and 27 September 2018 here

Below is a letter from Headteacher Mr Knowles. 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following my message shared on the school’s website regarding our most recent Ofsted inspection, I write to provide you with news that the official report has now been published.

I am very pleased that the inspection team have recognised the progress that the school is making and the improvements that have been secured to date in overall effectiveness.  Clearly there is much more to do on our journey to excellence, however it is important for me to thank the staff, pupils and parents of our school for their efforts in working together to bring about such positive change at the school.

The effectiveness of leadership and management has improved:

  • Leaders have shown great resilience and determination to improve the school since the previous inspection.  Their actions have had impact and have begun the journey of the school’s improvement.
  • Senior leaders have strengthened the processes to closely check that staff are following agreed practices.
  • The quality of middle leadership has significantly improved.

Teaching quality is improving:

  • Leaders’ actions have improved aspects of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Teachers’ expectations of pupils have been raised.  Inspection evidence concurs with this view.  Teachers’ planning for pupils’ learning is increasingly thorough.

Behaviour has improved:

  • The newly implemented behaviour policy is effective.  Pupils’ behaviour around school and within lessons has improved.  Pupils conduct themselves
  • well around school.

Examination outcomes are forecast to improve:

  • Leaders’ information predicts a marked improvement in pupils’ outcomes at key stage 3 and key stage 4.

You will note from the report that we must still do better to meet the complex needs of our most disadvantaged students including those with special educational needs.  We are working very hard to build effective strategies to support these pupils more effectively so that they can achieve better examination results at the end of Key Stage 4.

In addition, the report shares our frustration over the delay in completing our conversion to academy status.  We have been working with The Redhill Academy Trust throughout the summer term last academic year and more intensively since September 2018.  Other than by legal documentation the school now operates as a Trust School with the added benefits of sharing best practice and adopting Trust wide school improvement strategies.  We all hope that this formal conversion can be confirmed for 1 January 2019 at the very latest.

I will write to you again in the near future to share further news about the achievements of our wonderful students and staff and to remind you of key changes as the academic year progresses.

I can assure you that there will be continued resilience and determination to improve the school further by all staff. It continues to be a privilege to lead such a vibrant group of students and committed staff.  The link to the Ofsted Inspection report is here on the school website: http://www.tuptonhall.derbyshire.sch.uk/Ofsted-Letters

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew J Knowles