National Science Week 2014

National Science Week 2014

Science Week Is A Success

Students at Tupton Hall School were once again engaged in a range of activities for last week’s National Science Week.

Key Stage 3 students were treated to a wonderful display of Falconry on Monday morning, with a local group bringing in a number of birds to show to the enthusiastic pupils. From a humble barn owl to an eagle owl and even a harris hawk, students were able to study and hold each of the majestic creatures, and were fascinated as owner Andy Doman explained their diet, how they survive in the wild, and the stories behind how each of them came into his ownership.

Students then got down to business dissecting owl pellets and identifying precisely what the animals had eaten by matching bones found in the owl’s waste to an information sheet. Armed with magnifying glasses and tweezers, they carefully mined the pellets for the skeletal remains of the various rodents and small birds making up the owl’s diet.


Activities continued throughout the week with a number of environmental practical experiments, culminating on Thursday’s National Demo Day where students watched and took part in a wide range of demonstrations. Events included examining the lungs of a pig, taste tests, an eyeball dissection and demonstrations of static electricity amongst many others. From rat dissections to making flames change colour by adding different chemicals to them, pupils were shocked, sometimes disgusted, but most importantly, enthralled by what they were seeing and taking part in.