Musical Rewards

Musical Rewards


Matilda, Mamma Mia and Pineapple Studios were just some of the cultural delights lapped up by 30 Year 8 students from Tupton Hall School in London last month.

Youngsters soaked up the sights and sounds of the world famous West End theatre district on the two day residential trip. It was organised as a reward to acknowledge their hard work and dedication in music lessons.

“They experienced some amazing theatrical performances including a workshop led by a cast member of Matilda at Pineapple Studios and some free time to explore the wonders of Covent Garden,” explained Music teacher Mr Andrew Sharpe.

“Then there was a fantastic meal at Pizza Hut. Staff were amused to witness the highly competitive nature of pizza eating by 30 hungry 12-year- olds. One individual consumed 12 slices, and surprisingly slept very well that night!”

The first day was topped off with a visit to the fantastic production of Mamma Mia with its singing and humorous acting.

The next day, after filling up on a buffet breakfast, the Tupton Hall trippers hopped onto a coach tour of London’s most famous sights including the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street and the houses of Parliament.  The Science Museum was the next stop. The museum shop, with its amazing array of weird and wonderful souvenirs and scientific contraptions, drew in many students and gave a chance to use some spending money. 

Mr Sharpe said: “Finally we all went to see the show Matilda - despite one boy falling asleep the moment he sat down and missing the whole of the first half. This show was absolutely amazing and was clearly enjoyed by all.”