Luis is a star!

Luis is a star!


Inspirational Tupton Hall Sixth Form student Luis Sing-Eyley has been handed a national award for the care and attention he gives his younger brother who has a number of health difficulties.

Luis, 16, was nominated for going above and beyond to help his 10-year-old brother Theo, who has quadriplegia cerebral palsy, epilepsy, is fed via machine and is registered blind. He is now receiving palliative care.

Luis explained: "Above anything else, I'd rather spend as much time as I can with Theo while I can. We love reading books together and I make up stories - he gets so much pleasure out of that, he's always laughing and giggling away. When he's happy, I'm happy."

In recognition of his kindness, Luis attended a special ceremony in London with his parents and two of his older brothers, where he received a WellChild Award for Most Caring Young Person and even got to meet Prince Harry.

Luis was interviewed for Channel 5 News before getting the chance to schmooze with stars such as TV presenter Gabby Roslin, Diversity dancers from Britain's Got Talent and grime musician Stormzy. He was then presented with his award by Dr Ranj from Cbeebies and Harry Potter actor Oliver Phelps.

Luis said: "It was unreal. It all happened so quickly and is a bit of a blur but we all enjoyed it. It was great to meet all the other young award winners and, of course, Prince Harry who was really nice."

"The attention I've had since winning the award has been overwhelming at times, but really lovely. I've had total strangers congratulating me as well as my family and friends and everyone at school!"



Luis' Mum, Denise, said: “We can tell him every day how proud we are but to get this award is amazing. Luis didn't think he deserved it because looking after Theo is something that comes so naturally to him. Prince Harry asked him if Theo had changed his life and Luis said that he had changed his life for the better.”

Luis balances a very active home life with studying for A Levels in business studies, psychology and sociology. His sixth form tutor Miss Jones said he was invariably cheerful, polite and helpful.

She added: "Luis is a conscientious student who always strives to do his best in any given situation. He works hard academically and is a popular member of the sixth form with both his peers and staff.” 

“I have nothing but admiration for Luis. Most sixth form students find the A Level workload alone hard to cope with. For him to be able to cope with demanding A Levels and be such a help to his Mum and Dad, in addition to being a friend and supportive brother, demonstrates what a wonderful young man he is. Luis is exemplary.”