Hulainn's big bike ride for Dad

Hulainn's big bike ride for Dad

Year 10 student Hulainn Ravey is gearing up to cycle 30 miles to raise awareness of a rare incurable condition which his dad has. 

On Sunday 19 May he will ride 30 miles to raise sponsorship money for The Hyper IGM Foundation and Primary Immunodeficiency Association.

Hulainn's dad Steve, 49, has a rare immune deficiency condition called X linked Hyper IGM syndrome and was told he would not live past the age of 30.

Steve is thought to be one of the oldest men living with the condition in the UK, which affects around one in a million people.

Click the image to read more about Hulainn's challenge on the Derbyshire Times website.
Donations can be made via a Fundraiser Hulainn's mum's Facebook page - Michelle Cunningham. Hulainn also has a sponsorship form in school.