Holiday Haircuts

Holiday Haircuts



Fundraising friends at Tupton Hall School in Chesterfield have plunged headfirst into a hair raising charity challenge.

Arizona Arme has had 11 inches of hair cut from her long locks, which will be donated to the Little Princess Trust – a charity which provides wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.

The brave teen has inspired her school friend Ellis Broadhead to take to the hairdresser’s chair at the end of August, and the pair are keen to get more people on board.

“When I first heard of the charity a few years ago I started growing my hair in preparation for this,” said Arizona, aged 15. “Now I've had my hair cut I really respect the sufferers of hair loss a lot more because I had the choice to cut my hair, but others don't. At first I felt really self-conscious about my new haircut, thinking it didn't look as good as my hair when it was longer. But mine can grow back, theirs can't.”

So far the girls have raised more than £216 for the Little Princess Trust, after people flocked to donation website Just Giving to show their support.

Arizona said: “I'm really happy that I've done it because it has inspired some of my friends and I've raised far more money than I was even hoping to raise. I've changed my target twice.”

Ellis, aged 16, said: “After a while of having long hair, I decided that it was time for a change. I researched some charities that I could donate my hair to and was especially inspired by the Little Princess Trust which Arizona had recently donated to.”

“It costs the charity a considerable amount to make its wigs, so we are fundraising as well as donating our hair.”

“We’d like to encourage other people to join our team… teachers, students and anyone else reading this. Any support we get, whether it’s new team members wanting to cut their hair, donations to the charity or more Twitter shares, would be fantastic.”

You can see Ellis and Arizona’s team page and donate money at: 

Or support the girls individually at:

To join their team simply create your own Just Giving page and join A Smile A Day.


Find out more about the Little Princess Trust at