Happy Campers!

Happy Campers!


Around 150 students had a wild time in Hathersage - camping under canvas, hiking over hills and swimming in the sunshine.

It was the annual Year 8 Hathersage camp at Whiteley Woods Outdoor Activity Centre.

On arrival, students spent the first day in Hathersage village learning about the history of the area.

Then it was onto the famous open air lido - or outdoor swimming pool - for a splash.

"It was a great week for weather. We were very lucky indeed," said Head of Year 8 Mrs Margaret Roberts, who organised the trip.

Back at the campsite they played rounders, built a camp fire and cooked their tea on it.

Mrs Roberts said: "One student asked me how we would cook jacket potatoes without a microwave."

"We roasted them in the fire and on a barbecue. Afterwards we had cocoa before going to bed."

The next morning students embarked on an energetic 10km hike across the moors above Hathersage.

Meanwhile, the next group of Tupton Hall campers were arriving in the village for their history tour and swim. The week continued in this rotational cycle.

Mrs Robson continued: "The week was absolutely fantastic. Our students rose to every challenge and were impeccably behaved."

"They have to look after themselves during these two days while learning about history, geography and general life skills like cooking and map reading."

"A special memory they will all treasure was the thousands of frogspawn in the canoeing lake at Whiteley Woods. Tiny tadpoles were hatching and baby frogs hopping around everywhere. The students were fascinated."