GCSE Results

GCSE Results

Years of hard work and dedication paid off for Year 11 students at Tupton Hall School as they collected their eagerly awaited GCSE results.

More than half of the cohort gained at least 5 A* - C grades at GCSE. With almost half of students achieving the gold standard benchmark of 5 or more A* - C grades including English and Maths.

Many Tupton Hall youngsters will continue their studies at Tupton Hall Sixth Form, which last week achieved a 99 per cent A Level pass rate.

Headteacher Mr Andrew Knowles said: “We are pleased that the vast majority of our students have achieved the necessary qualifications to enhance their life chances. We are very proud of their achievements. Young people are not statistics and so we are delighted that so many of them have excellent results that reflect their ability, effort and commitment. I am grateful for the conscientious hard work of our teaching and support staff who have taught, supported and nurtured our students with genuine care and attention throughout their time at the school.”

One of the highest achievers, Eve Macmaster, achieved 9 A*s and 2 As at GCSE and will go on to study Art, History and Maths at Tupton Hall Sixth Form. She put her success down to years of hard work and dedication – and having never missed a day of school in 7 years.

“I’m so pleased. I wasn’t expecting these results at all,” said Eve. “The teachers here have helped me a lot, especially Miss Jones my Art teacher. There are also lots of revision classes to help you succeed.”

Miss Rosey Cooper, head of Year 11, said: “Eve is a shining example of how 100 per cent attendance can help you achieve the best grades.”

“I’m really proud of the amount of effort I have seen students put in over this past year. There were some concerns to start with but as the year went on things have improved. Many students have recognised how important these grades are and worked incredibly hard – and this shows in their results. If you put the effort in it will happen.”

Miss Cooper’s message to students coming into Year 10 in September is simple: “If you work hard from the very start of the GCSE course you will give yourself not only the best chance of passing, but of surpassing your predicted grades.”

Natalie Brown is one of those students who has exceeded expectations. Predicted C grades across the board she has emerged with an A*, 2 As, 5 Bs and a C. Her mum was with her to pick up her results slip and said: “The support Natalie has had at Tupton Hall has been amazing. She has worked incredibly hard so she deserves this success.” Natalie intends to pursue an apprenticeship in business from September.

Liam Bath was another high achieving student, gaining 4 A*s, 6 As and a B grade. Liam said: “This is the result of a lot of hard work. I would often stay in school late to get my work done. The time and dedication the teachers have shown me has really helped. Like Mr Leach my Spanish teacher who stayed in school with me until 6pm many nights while I did my work."

"And Miss Cooper who sat me down one-to-one and helped me get an A* in History, a subject I thought I wasn’t very good at.” Liam will study Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Psychology at Tupton Hall Sixth Form.

Superstar sprint swimmer Imogen Clark has surfaced with a raft of great grades, gained while training to become one of the UKs brightest young sports stars.

Imogen was recently placed 19th in the world for 50m breaststroke, an accolade which accompanies several British records. Imogen swims with Chesterfield Swimming Club and is aligned to Derby’s Derventio Excel Swim Squad. Earlier this month she competed at the British Summer Swimming Championships and brought home a string of gold, silver and bronze medals. On GCSE results day she achieved an A*, 2 As and 5 Bs.

Said Imogen: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out I was 19th in the world – out of all age groups. To be a junior swimmer and to make the world rankings is great.”

“My GCSE grades are so much better than I expected too. I’m off to study Sport Science at Chesterfield College. It’s taken lots of hard work to get here. I used to do all my homework, coursework and revision at school during lunchtimes. Then after school I’d go straight to training and get home after 8pm.”

“Tupton Hall has been a great support. The staff have motivated me and the school has let me have time off for training camps and competitions on the understanding that I would catch up on my work,” she explained.

Imogen’s long term aspiration is to make the selection criteria for the Great Britain swimming team. In the meantime her sights are set on next year’s European Championships in London.


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A selection of outstanding students’ GCSE results:

Eve Macmaster (9 A* grades, 2 A grades)

James Flint (5 A* grades, 5 A grades. 1 B grade)

Liam Bath (4 A* grades, 6 A grades, 1 B grade)

Aakash Patter (3 A* grades, 7 A grades, 1 B grade)


Outstanding results by subject:

88 per cent of grades achieved at Art GCSE were A* - Cs

77 per cent of grades achieved at Spanish GCSE were A* - Cs

72 per cent of grades achieved at Product Design GCSE were A* - Cs

72 per cent of grades achieved at Leisure and Tourism GCSE were A* - Cs

69 per cent of grades achieved at English Literature GCSE were A* - Cs