Free First Aid

Free First Aid

My name is Lucy Hardaker, and I am one of 20 students who are learning important life skills at a St John Ambulance First Aid course after school. 

Approximately 20 students aged 12 to 15 are taking part in the 6 week long course with a qualified St John Ambulance trainer, learning useful skills that in the future could help save someone’s life. We are learning crucial skills such as what the primary survey is, how to address certain injuries and how to perform the recovery position.

To make the course more engaging for secondary school students we are being taught these skills through drama activities, making mind maps and performing short presentations. At the end of the course every student involved will receive a certificate from St John Ambulance to say that they have completed it. The course is also a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a career in the health care industry.

I think that this course is really interesting and hopefully the skills I am learning will help someone in the future. I believe the course will make me more confident about what to do if I am put in a situation where someone is injured and needs help.

Miss Ross, one of the teachers at Tupton Hall who helped organise the course, said: “I think the course is excellent and we are really appreciative to St John Ambulance for coming to deliver this for free. I think first aid skills are a vital skill for everyone and, though I hope we never need to use it, these students will be equipped to potentially save lives.” 

St John Ambulance is offering free after school and lunchtime first aid clubs to schools in Derbyshire, and Tupton Hall is one of the first to pilot the scheme. St John Ambulance was granted £650,000 to use nationally as part of a £10m Goverment fund for uniformed groups, raised from fines levied on banks for manipulating the Libor rate. 

If you want to know more about the St John Ambulance courses go to their website at or call 0303 003 0103.

By Lucy Hardaker, Year 10