Football Frenzy!

Football Frenzy!

Excited students and staff came together to watch England’s important game against Wales in the Euro 2016 competition.

Students of all ages were able to watch the match live on the big screens in the Richard Smith Hall, with Sixth Form students watching the game in the Common Room. Both areas were full of excitement and tension as students and staff agreed that this was the game needed England to win to have a chance, so the pressure was on.

Hopes were high for the home team, with fans across the school predicting 2-1 and 3-1 victories for England. Even Miss Capper, a Wales supporter, expected a draw. “On paper, England has the better team”, she admitted.

With this said, the first half was disappointing for England fans. With many shots taken and missed, it’s not surprising that the crowd was antsy waiting for a goal. But when Wales scored at the 42nd minute, fans were crushed by a lucky free kick from Bale. Boos were heard all around.

At half time, students were free to go home. But those dedicated to watching such an important match stuck it through. And those students were rewarded with a goal at the 56th minute from England’s own Vardy. The Tupton crowd erupted in cheers, finally able to see their home team score.


As the game went on it appeared as if the game was heading towards a draw, with failed attempts from England left and right and people discouraged at their chances. But the 92nd minute changed that with a goal from England’s Sturridge. The school exploded with shrieks and applause, with ‘England’ chants heard loud and clear.

Fans said they were ‘ecstatic’ and ‘stoked’ at the result. One teacher even said: “The atmosphere was better than Bramall Lane”.

Overall, the event was a great success for both England and the school - rejoiced by all, except Miss Capper. 









By Bradley Roberts, Year 13