Silver Expedition

Silver Expedition

5 Students, 3 Nights, 2 Days and 1 Expedition

A group of Y11 students have been expanding their extra curricular activities, taking on the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition.

The activity is aimed at developing key skills including cookery, gardening, cycle maintenance, photography and fishing plus many more.


Teammates Josh, Emily, Guy, Emily and Abbie attempted to complete their challenge in the Peak District National Park.  The expedition consisted of a three day hike with two nights camping at different sites along the route.

As well as navigating, the students had to carry all their own food, clothes, tent and sleeping bags. Sadly teammate Abbie had to retire after the first day but the remaining team members were able to continue, successfully completing the expedition. 

Well done to all students that took part and good luck to Abbie in retaking the silver expedition.