Derby Arts Festival Success

Derby Arts Festival Success

Derby Art Festival Results  

H Polkinghorne and L Hutton 1st place in Choral

T Giove and M Kirk 1st in Duologue Class (15yrs and over)

LHill 2nd in Mime Solo class

A Trown 3rd in Prose Unprepared Reading

R Gerard 2nd in Prose  Unprepared Reading

R Gerard & L Rawley 1st in Duologue (13 &14 yrs)

L Hill and L Fellows 3rd Duologue (13 &14 yrs)

A Orwin and K Oldfield 2nd Choral Speaking  

Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to E Myhill, C Simpson, R Nash, SCartwright, R Knightly, P Bowers, A Orwin, K Oldfield, T Watson, A Stevenson