Cooking Competition

Cooking Competition

Things are hotting up in the cooking classrooms this term!

Students can test their stove skills in a camping cooking competition every Tuesday.

Scroll down for news of the Cooking Club's new Twitter account and find out how parents can access the new Food & Nutrition recipe book...

Camping Cookery Competition

Are you on Twitter?

Now you can 'follow' our Cooking Club and see step-by-step which recipes they are cooking each Thursday after school. Maybe you can try them yourself at home...

Download the recipe book

Parents and students can now access a digital copy of the recipe books used in Food and Nutrition lessons during Years 7, 8 and 9.

You can view or print the booklet at home by logging into your child's THS Portal (shown below in red).

The booklet contains tasty recipes and simple techniques that students will use during their practical lessons, and which you can practice at home as a family.

All of the recipes are linked to the Eatwell plate and healthy eating guidelines. They also show you the equipment needed and any ingredient swaps or dietary changes you can make to the recipes. The booklet also gives an idea of nutritional values and links to the Five A Day campaign.

Students are given a booklet at the start of the year and must bring this to each lesson.

Once logged in, click on Documents and Drives and follow the following pathway: