Community Cohesion

Community Cohesion

Imaginative students in 8H1 have been working on a topic in Religious Education about the impact religious buildings can have on worship, congregations and the community.

They were set a homework challenge to create a building that could be used by different religions and non-religious people.

As you can see, they had some very insightful thoughts and ideas.

In class they had discussed the idea that being able to see and meet with people from all faith backgrounds could help us all to understand and be more accepting of different faiths.

Other students loved the idea of the 'langer' - a dining area found in Sikh gurdwaras - where food is shared with all people, creating a sense of belonging and community.

Many students focused on religious aspects of the buildings and came to understand the impact that they have on religious congregations. They found that holy buildings are an integral part of worship and should be respected. 

Well done 8H1!