Chile, Choc & Cha Cha

Chile, Choc & Cha Cha

Chile, Chocolate and Cha Cha was the theme of an activity day at the University of Nottingham attended by Year 9 Spanish students Callum, Ethan, Harry, Jamie, Liam H and Liam V. 

Mr Leach and Mrs Gamble were very proud to accompany the students who kicked the day off with a cha cha dance tutorial alongside students from other schools from across the country.

Mrs Gamble said: "The day was very valuable and informative and included workshops to give the students a taste of Latin America."

"They learned about living conditions in Nicaragua, were introduced to Fairtrade products and did some chocolate tasting. The workshop about taking a year abroad was particularly popular and gave students and staff a pang of Wanderlust."

Students worked in teams with students from other schools to design and promote a Fairtrade product, culminating in a buying and selling task which saw them trade in Spanish and Portuguese.


Mrs Gamble added: "Our Year 9 team coped marvellously working alongside other Year 10 and 11 students.Particular praise goes to Callum for being on the winning team, and Liam H for winning a special prize for excellence in spoken Spanish. The other boys also won prizes for generally impressing the judges within their teams." 

"We were really pleased with how our students conducted themselves throughout the day. Some of the youngest students there, our Year 9s stood out and achieved some impressive accolades. Well done boys, it was a pleasure to take you out of school."