Bay of Naples Fieldtrip

Bay of Naples Fieldtrip

Y13 Geography and Travel& Tourism Students Visit Bay of Naples, Italy

Y13 students seized the opportunity to take a trip to Europe, all in the name of research for their chosen subject.

For Travel and Tourism students they were able to visit a dormant volcanic crater called Solfatara, one of the first destinations of the Grand Tour of Europe, when tourism first began. Whilst Geography students could see tectonic activity in action with bubbling mud sites, fumaroles (steam vents) and the crust so thin and porous in places that you could even feel the ground moving when a rock was dropped on to it.

On the second day of the trip students and staff toured the famous Roman City of Pompeii, with the remaining third of the site still covered by ash, a testament to the power of Vesuvius. Students were able to study roman life and the impacts of the famous eruption of 79AD.

Day three brought travel by hydrofoil ferry, across to the Isle of Capri where the group took the 'Mama Mia' road to Anacapri and then on to the highest point of the island via chair lift. Students and staff were able to enjoy lunch at an Italian pizzeria before taking a tour of Capri Town, which gave an insight into the life of a tour guide as well as exploring the impacts of leisure and tourism, particularly from cruise ships and the sheer number of visitors.

On the last day, the group visited the Vesuvius Observatory with a detailed tour of the birth of volcanology, seismology, historic eruptions in the Vesuvius area and the current management of tectonic hazards in the Naples area. Followed by an afternoon of climbing Mount Vesuvius, walking along the rim of the crater with a Volcanologist who was able to explain the physical features of the volcano and how the threat of tectonic activity is monitored.