Science Week

Science Week

Science got wild at Tupton Hall School as students celebrated British Science Week (11 – 20 March). Cute creatures and creepy crawlies were cuddled and caressed during a visit from Buxton based Animal Magic Parties. Animal handlers Damien and Anna passed their well-behaved beasts among the youngsters and dished out fascinating facts about each species.

Students learned why a chameleon changes colour, what skunks spray smells like and what meerkats are fed to keep them cool and hydrated. The answer? Melon. They also got to handle and fly beautiful barn owl Luna, handle a hairy tarantula and drape a slithery snake around their shoulders.

Students from Years 7, 8 and 10 were nominated to take part in the session which was a reward for their hard work in class and good behaviour. Year 7 student Mia Hudson said it was ‘very educational’: “We learned lots of stuff about the different animals and how they behave. All of the animals were adorable but I liked the meerkats the best because of how sprightly they are. One of them is called Bounce because he bounces all over the place!”

Later in the week staff in the Tupton Hall Science department held their annual Science Demo Day which saw students flock to see exciting experiments and hands-on activities.

Head of Science Mrs Victoria Hennessey said: “It’s important to have sessions like this throughout the school year to enthuse and engage children in science outside of the classroom. It helps them to understand science in real world scenarios.” 

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