Adam Meets Bear

Adam Meets Bear

Tupton Hall Sixth Former and Scout leader Adam had a day to remember when he shared a swing seat with intrepid adventurer Bear Grylls.

Adam was chosen to represent Derbyshire Scouts when Bear visited Lea Green Learning and Development Centre near Matlock.

Bear Grylls, who is Chief Scout, landed by helicopter at Lea Green where 300 Derbyshire Cubs were enjoying an activity fun day.

Adam was one of the welcoming party who showed Bear around the site while a whole range of exhilarating activities were going on - from climbing to campfire cooking. He also made time to have photos taken and sign autographs for his young fans.

"We walked past some Cubs who were having fun on the 'team swing' and Bear insisted that he wanted to have a go," said Adam. "It wasn't originally part of the plan, but I got the chance to go on the swing with him."

"That was a great experience. Bear is one of my heroes and to have shared the swing with him was great. He said the drop-off from the swing was like a sky-dive, and said I should definitely try one sometime soon - I definitely will."


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May 16, 2015

Adam has been in the Scouts since he was 10, taking two years out aged 15 and re-joining as a leader at Tibshelf 3rd Scouts aged 17. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated Tupton student, chairing the Sixth Form Committee, also volunteering with the police in his spare time.

Adam said: "Scouting gives young people a chance to have a break from a long day at school and do something different. I think we need Scouting more than ever today, especially with all the distractions of social media and technology."

"Young people very rarely get a sense of adventure sat at a computer screen all day. That's why I had to re-join to be a leader, to give other young people the experience I once had as a Scout." 

Adam said he had been 'buzzing' ever since he met his role model, Bear, saying he was inspired by his bravery and resilience.

He added said: "Many years ago he broke his back in a parachute jump and was told me might never walk again. But he never let it stop him - and just look at his current success."

"Bear was a really genuine guy. He tried to talk to as many Cubs as he could, asking the about their own personal Scouting experiences."

"I look up to him as a role model. It was a privilege being asked to show him around for the day."

**Thank you to Lea Green Development Centre and Derbyshire County Council for permission to publish their photographs**